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Securing your Lumber during transport
Research Round Table
Ubicación: Furniture - 18/6/21 8:30 - 18/6/21 10:00 (UTC) (1 hora 30 minutos)

Securing your Lumber during transport
Colleen Diaz Business Executive  at Azure Interior http://azure.example.com colleen.diaz83@example.com (255)-595-8393

Colleen Diaz works in IT sector since 10 years. He is known notably for selling mouse traps. With that trick he cut IT budget by almost half within the last 2 years.

Use these simple steps to easily haul LONG lumber in a short box pickup truck. A dose of carpenter's ingenuity along with a couple boards, a sturdy strap and a few screws are all I use to easily haul long boards from the lumberyard to the Next Level Carpentry shop or jobsite.

Using a unique wrapping method for a tie down strap (NOT Bungee cords!!!) allows lumber to be cinched securely WITHOUT the need to tie and untie tricky or complicated knots.